Rise Food Mall

Welcome to Rise Food Mall in Noida Extension, where taste meets convenience! Developed by the renowned Rise Group, it's not just a culinary haven but also a promising investment for real estate enthusiasts eyeing the food and beverage industry.

With a spacious layout of around 10,000 square feet, it houses 20+ food stalls, ready to welcome over 500 guests. Rise Food Mall, primarily a ground-floor food court, is uniquely designed to optimize food delivery. All orders from popular platforms like Swiggy and Zomato will be directed here, benefitting from a dedicated space on the ground floor.

The demand for food courts in this thriving area is substantial, offering a golden opportunity to boost your business. If you're seeking a cost-effective food court space in Noida Extension, Rise Food Mall stands out as the optimal choice.

Why Choose Rise Food Mall Noida Extension?

Rise Food Mall is the top commercial hub in Sector 1 of Noida Extension. It's the largest food court in the National Capital Region (NCR), standing out in a prime location known for affordability and proximity to economic hubs.

The area features well-planned infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals, malls, shopping complexes, and residential spaces. An ideal destination for businesses and residents alike.

Here are key features of Rise Food Mall, Noida Extension:

Diverse Culinary Delights: Discover on a culinary adventure at Rise Food Mall, offering a diverse range of cuisines to please every palate. From local street food to international flavors, our commitment is to ensure a delightful dining experience for everyone.

Family-Friendly Ambiance: Rise Food Mall is designed with families in mind. While you enjoy mouthwatering dishes, your little ones can play in our expansive play area. Whether you prefer the cozy indoors or the refreshing outdoors, our seating options create the perfect setting for intimate meals or joyful gatherings with friends and family.

Effortless Online Ordering: Recognizing the need for convenience in our fast-paced lives, our carefully designed layout ensures smooth online food delivery. Whether you're at home or at work, enjoy the ease of having your favorite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. It's the ideal solution for those constantly on the move.

Socializing and Events:Rise Food Mall isn't just a dining destination; it's a versatile space for hosting events. From social gatherings to corporate functions, our flexible and spacious layout accommodates various events. Immerse yourself in live performances, themed nights, and community events, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere.

Entertainment Zone and Connectivity: Explore our dedicated Entertainment Zone, featuring a Nightclub, Sports Bar, and Multiplex. The Nightclub and Sports Bar cater to those seeking vibrant nightlife experiences, creating a lively atmosphere. Simultaneously, the Multiplex provides a cinematic escape, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options.

Wellness and Recreation: Prioritizing a holistic experience, Rise Food Mall offers an in-house fitness center and wellness programs. After indulging in delectable treats, unwind at our spa or relax in designated recreation areas. It's a space where visitors can focus on well-being while enjoying the overall ambiance.

Location Advantage: Benefiting from its strategic location in Greater Noida West, our complex takes full advantage of being situated within the thriving hub of commerce and diverse activities in the National Capital Region (NCR). This area has witnessed significant development, solidifying its status as a prominent center for various businesses and community engagement.

In Noida, Rise Food Mall stands out as a comprehensive destination, seamlessly blending fine dining, shopping, and event hosting. With its diverse offerings, including recreational activities, it caters to a wide range of needs and preferences. It's a one-stop solution for individuals and families seeking a variety of experiences in entertainment and shopping.

Ready to invest in Rise Food Mall? Contact us today to schedule a site visit and own property in the largest food court in Noida Extension!

Amenities of Rise Food Mall

  • Sports Bar and Restaurants
  • Food Court On Ground Floor
  • Multi-Cuisine Options for Family
  • Hop-In, Eat, Hop-Off Convenience
  • Poolside Theme Cafes and Restaurants
  • Poolside Theme Cafes and Restaurants
  • Quick Delivery Services for Zomato and Swiggy
  • Parking Slots and Pick-Up Points for Zomato and Swiggy
  • Food Court, Banquet Lawn, Swimming Pool, Stage and More

Floor Plan of Rise Food Mall

USP's Of Rise Food Mall

30 Year Long Lease

With a 30-year long lease, it ensures a lifetime secondary income through fixed-date rentals, allowing you to plan based on it.

High Density Area

With Sector 1, Sector 16, and Gaur City in Central Noida, this area offers convenient access to food and entertainment for over Lakh families.

Unique Concept

Theme-based restaurants, live music, and a sports bar create a scenic atmosphere, making it the perfect place for your Instagram Reels and Stories.

Food Court

Say No, to the basement, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors; the food court is located on the ground floor in the most vibrant area of Noida Extension.

Location Advantage

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About Rise Group (Developer)

RISE GROUP, a leading player in Indian real estate, is actively shaping key NCR areas, including Faridabad, Greater Noida West, and Ghaziabad. Their philosophy revolves around leveraging advanced technology to build top-notch structures, addressing diverse needs and budgets through condominium development to meet the rising demand for homes and commerce.

In a significant move, Rise Group introduces a groundbreaking commercial project in Noida Extension, featuring the exceptional Rise Food Mall. This innovative addition is poised to revolutionize the dining and shopping experience in the area. With its unique design and diverse culinary offerings, Rise Food Mall aims to redefine how people enjoy food and shopping in Noida Extension.

FAQs About Rise Food Mall Noida Extension

Rise Food Mall is a dining hub in the new Rise Group commercial project. It features a unique dining experience with a poolside theme cafe, restaurant, sports bar, and a diverse food court offering options for all tastes.

Rise Food Mall stands out due to its distinctive design concept, integrating sports facilities and a poolside theme. It appeals to both food lovers and sports enthusiasts, with diverse culinary options and a unique ambiance.

Rise Food Mall's food court offers a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Continental. From fast food to gourmet dishes, it caters to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.

Rise Food Mall is located at Sector 1, Greater Noida, Bisrakh Jalalpur, Uttar Pradesh 201009. Well-connected by roads and metro for easy accessibility.